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This document is designed as a check list covering the main investigations and observations of particular relevance in the care home environment and is intended to be used as a supplement to Appendix 1 Survey Aide Memoire of Operational Procedures.

General Considerations

Pre-survey reference to CQC and other agencies.


Type of care home and facilities provided. Special needs.


Type and height of building – purpose built or conversion.


Light construction - conservatories, felt roofed extensions, outbuildings, etc

Proximity of trees



No of residents/rooms


Laundry rooms

  • Type of plant/machinery

  • Plant maintenance

  • Tumble dryers

  • Fluff and fly

  • Electric irons

  •  Laundry chutes



  • Size and extent of usage

  • Deep fat frying

  • Cleaning of extract system

  • Emergency isolation valves

  • Fire protection.


Storage and ancillary areas


Special features


Electrical Installation

Age and visual condition



  • Date of last report

  • Report seen

  • Outstanding issues

  • Status of contractor.


Temporary wiring, adaptors and extension leads.


Themographic testing


PAT testing


Standby generation


Gas Safety

Gas Safety Regulations


Use of LPG



Primary heating


Secondary/ supplementary/ emergency heating


Biomass boilers


Overall care / maintenance


LPG appliances


Fire Protection

Sprinklers/water mist

  • Installer

  • System design

  • Visual condition

  • Testing and servicing

  • Impairment procedure

  • Frost protection


Fire Detection and Alarms

  • Installer

  • System design/category

  • Remote signalling

  • Staff alarm

  • Testing and servicing


Fire Extinguishers

  • Provision

  • Fire points

  • Servicing

  • Training


Signs and notices

  • Provision


Emergency lighting

  • Provision

  • Testing and maintenance


Other systems

  • Fire suppression

  • Smoke control


Fire Safety Management

Risk Assessment

  • Completed/documented

  • Competency

  • Reviewed

  • Documentation seen


Records and auditing

  • Records in place

  • Self-inspections


Emergency Plans

  • In place/communicated


Fire Safety Training

  • In place and recorded

  • Fire drills


Fire Authority Inspections

  • Date of last inspection

  • Outstanding issues


Transient Protection



Nurse call systems



Designated smoking rooms


Discarded materials


Individual risk assessments


 Contractors Operations

Overall controls


Risk assessments/method statements


Hot work


 General Housekeeping

Escape Routes

  • Clear

  • Fire doors checked



  • Daily waste removal

  • Location/security of bins



  • Handling and storage


  • LPG


Plant rooms/service risers

  • Clear and secure

  • Switch cupboards clear


Voids clear and secure


Storage areas

  • Orderly

  • Sprinkler heads, detectors and light fittings clear


End of day inspections



Fire Safety Records and Auditing

Fire safety log book


Routine self-inspections


Fire Emergency Plan

In place and communicated


Contingency plans


Fire Safety Training

In place and recorded


Extinguisher training given


Fire drills undertaken



High value contents


Drugs and medicines


Health and Safety

Reporting of Incidents

  • Accident book

  • Frequency/trends


Claims Defence

  • Documentation adequate


First Aid Provision

  • Adequate

  • Staff training


Health & Safety Policy

  • Current/ Signed for


General Risk Assessments


Challenging Behaviours

  • Assessments

  • Training

  • Procedures


COSHH Assessments inc. Infection Control


Legionella Control


Manual Handling

  • Assessments

  • Training

  • Equipment

  • Lifting policy


Personal Protective Equipment

  • Provided

  • Used


Staff - Records


Staff – Medical history


Staff Training Records

  • Sign for receipt?


Agency Staff

  • Use

  • How inducted?


Slips, Trips & Falls

  • Anti-slip surfaces

  • Floor coverings

  • Stairs/hand rails

  • Hot surfaces

  • External areas


Plant / Equipment Safety & Inspections

  • Statutory inspections

  • Records


Food & Hygiene

  • Training

  • Certificates


Care Plans



  • Who administers

  • Qualifications


Audit / Review / Inspections


Control of Contractors & Visitors


TG12a: Care Homes Aide Memoire

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