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For many policyholders, being asked to carry out risk improvements by their insurer can be a daunting task. This is where we step in, turning the entire process into a truly positive customer experience. 




Risk Improvement Assistance (RIA) is our flagship service. It's what led us to win a Queen's Award for Innovation and is what sets our brand apart from other risk management providers.


It is the essence of being customer-centric. Without RIA only around 30% of risk improvements are ever carried out. With RIA that figures rises to 88%. What's the difference? Our expertise and help. Our team informs, guides and highlights the benefits of risk improvements, to not only win clients hearts and minds, but to support them through their journey. RIA is our story. It's what RiskSTOP is all about. 


  • Makes compliance with risk improvements much easier for policyholders

  • Help from experienced Risk Management Advisors

  • An established and proven process

  • Customer satisfaction measures 

  • Regular performance reviews with clients


  • Reduces risk for the policyholder and insurer

  • Greater confidence in risk exposure

  • Independent advice

  • Improves rate of compliance to 92%

  • Treats customer fairly

  • Greatly enhanced customer perception

"It’s lovely when people end up saying thank you for all your help, especially when things might have got off to a tricky start. Coping with risk requirements from insurers can be difficult for businesses, who of course have other things to do, like running their business!"

Katherine Hedger

RiskSTOP Risk Management Advisor

Your service is exceptional. We would not have been able to complete what was required without the information you provided.

Property Owner

NFU Mutual policyholder

Keep doing what you're doing. It was great having someone to hand to help us through a process we had not encountered before. 


Hiscox policyholder

Your assistance was invaluable. Nothing was a problem, totally stress free and a pleasure dealing with RiskSTOP. Thank you.

Electronic components manufacturer

AXA policyholder

Lisa Beaton | Risk Management Operations Manager

Lisa is that often wonderful combination of a people person who likes to get things done. She epitomises what RIA is all about and leads the team behind it. "I don't like the idea of people struggling with something technical or that's difficult to implement, when others have the experience and expertise to help out. You tend to see a transformation in people who have been through the 'Assist' process, as we call it, They start off a bit lost and unsure about where to begin and end up feeling good about keeping their colleagues safe or protecting their business. I'm proud of the team here and everything that we achieve." 

To find out more about Risk Improvement Assistance, please contact Lisa.

Contact Lisa

Phone    01305 215548

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