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"It was a pleasure welcoming your surveyor here. A thorough approach and an exemplary manner and attitude. Well done."

An NHS Foundation Trust

Surveyed for RSA

"I found your surveyor to be incredibly helpful and felt he went above and beyond. Technically competent and also very polite!"

A charitable organisation

Surveyed for New India

"Your surveyor really helped to establish the right impression and image throughout her entire time  with us."

A distribution business

Surveyed for Arch Insurance

Contact David

Phone    07764 447475

David Reynolds | Head of Risk Engineering & Surveys

With more than 30 years experience surveying across all of the major insurance disciplines, David is passionate about the benefits of risk management, not just to the industry, but to society as a whole.

"Reducing levels of crime improves the spaces that people live and work in. Tackling issues that can lead to liability, stop injuries from happening or people losing their lives. Situations such as Grenfell Tower should never be allowed to happen and sound risk management lies at the heart of that. I'm proud of what our team does everyday and we always try and do it with a smile." 

To discuss your risk survey needs, please get in touch with David.


As well as informing and guiding underwriters, site surveys are an important touchpoint in insurance customer journeys




Risk Management Site Surveys are often termed the “eyes and ears of the underwriter.” They report on hazards that can lead to claims and present aspects of risk that may not otherwise have been apparent. 

However, surveys  are not just about risk mitigation and improving Combined Operating Ratio. In an industry in which adding value to customers and treating them fairly has become increasingly important, site surveys delivered with the needs of the policyholder in mind can help insurers make a lasting impression.


  • 100+ consultants providing competent wide ranging expertise

  • UK wide capacity which can accommodate large volumes

  • Comprehensive range of survey reports designed around client needs

  • Client specific Key Performance Indicators

  • Risk Improvement Requirements and Recommendations

  • Quality templates


  • Significantly improved Combined Operating Ratio

  • Better understanding of risk at individual, portfolio and other levels/variables

  • Reduced exposure

  • Customer service excellence

  • Reassurance/Confidence

  • Compliance/Governance

  • Supplementary capacity on demand

"I get to meet a lot of really wonderful people who are often passionate about the properties they manage or own.  And quite often I get to see parts of buildings most people would never have access to. No one day is ever the same, that’s for sure. Every day I feel like I'm making a difference."

Nicola Seneviratne

RiskSTOP Risk Management Consultant

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