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Scheduling your in-house risk management surveyors' appointments so that they don't need to.




First impressions count. For most policyholders their first point of contact on their risk management journey is with someone tasked with arranging a survey. At RiskSTOP our team of surveyors never book their own appointments. Instead this falls to our highly customer-orientated central team who coordinate everything for maximum efficiency and satisfaction.


Importantly, this leaves our Risk Management Consultants free to do what they do best - assess and control risk. However, we don't just do this for our own team. We can do the same for your in-house surveyors too. 


  • Centralised appointment booking for your in-house surveyors

  • Customer-orientated contact because first impressions count

  • No need for your surveyors to spend time organising diaries 

  • Fully integrated around your systems and processes


  • Gets the customer journey off to a great start

  • Improved customer impression around risk management

  • Efficiency improvements thanks to centralised processing

  • Easy to implement

  • Surveyors spend 100% of time delivering their expertise rather than unnecessary administration tasks

"I can put the customer at ease, explain everything that’s about to happen and most importantly how they will benefit from really valuable risk assessment and advice. Appointment booking is more than just booking an appointment. It’s about getting everything off on the right foot with the customer."

Richard Narramore

RiskSTOP Business Unit Team Leader

I cannot commend RiskSTOP highly enough for their efficient diary management. I am able to carry out 2 to 3 visits daily thanks to your careful planning.

Risk Surveyor

NFU Mutual

I now see you guys as my friends who also happen to look after my diary! You're all amazing at what you do and I cannot thank you enough for your support.

Resilience Manager

AXA Insurance

Just want to say how much we appreciate your efforts in booking our surveys of late. Keep them coming. If you book them, we'll complete them!

Regional manager

NFU Mutual

Lisa Beaton | Risk Management Operations Manager

Lisa is that often wonderful combination of a people person who likes to get things done. She epitomises what RIA is all about and leads the team behind it. "I don't like the idea of people struggling with something technical or that's difficult to implement, when others have the experience and expertise to help out. You tend to see a transformation in people who have been through the 'Assist' process, as we call it, They start off a bit lost and unsure about where to begin and end up feeling good about keeping their colleagues safe or protecting their business. I'm proud of the team here and everything that we achieve." 

To find out more about Risk IAppointment Booking, please contact Lisa.

Contact Lisa

Phone    01305 215548

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