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Covid-19 return to work checklist

As businesses and other organisations across the UK cautiously reopen and people return to work, the prevention of a second wave of Covid-19 infection and the health and safety of employees and the general public becomes paramount.

David Reynolds, Head of Risk Engineering and Surveys at RiskSTOP, said: “Employers have a statutory duty of care for people’s health and safety and to provide a safe place to work. Organisations should be proactive to protect people and to help to minimise the risk of the virus spreading.”

He added: “Other areas to consider may include fully assessing any new aspects to the business which have emerged because of the pandemic, such as new manufacturing lines which may have been put together in haste.”

To help employers, RiskSTOP has put together a checklist of key considerations at this

Time, which can be downloaded below. Feel free to share with others and stay safe.

Download PDF • 446KB



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