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Katherine Hedger, RiskSTOP Risk Management Advisor, uses her communication and organising skills to help people through what can sometimes seem like a difficult or confusing time. Here, she explains what her role is all about and why she enjoys it so much.


“My job is really all about being that friendly and helpful someone in the middle. I basically sit between those who provide people with insurance and those who want to be protected by it.”


Katherine understands insurance and understands risk, but what's most important in her role is her understanding of people. “Of course, I appreciate the insurers position. They basically take the risks away from those they cover, so it’s understandable when they want those risks to be properly managed.


“At the same time, you have the business that’s insured, wondering how they can meet the risk management expectations of the insurance company, especially if they have no in-house knowledge or expertise. That’s we’re we, as a team here at RiskSTOP, come in.”


So if, for example, an insurance company expects a business to upgrade its fire alarm system to comply with British Standards within two months, Katherine will explain more about what’s needed, supply useful tips and information and even point to local contractors who can help.


She will also keep checking to make sure everything is running smoothly. If it isn’t, she knows when and how to contact the insurance company or their broker to make sure that everyone at the end of the day is satisfied.


“And that is basically what I’m looking for at the end of the day, for everyone involved to be happy. You know it’s lovely when people end up saying thank you for all your help, especially when things might have got off to a tricky start. Coping with risk requirements from insurers can be difficult for businesses, who of course have other things to do like running their businesses.” 


Katherine added: “I’m aware that managing risks is really important and not just for the insurance company. If there’s a fire, yes money will be lost and the insurer will need to cover that, but there’s also the people who might be injured, lose their jobs or even lose their lives. No insurance policy can compensate for that.


“So for me, assisting with risk management is something that’s of huge value and importance for everyone. It’s a great job that can be very rewarding and we’ve also got a good team of people here to work with, so yes RiskSTOP is a great place to work.”          


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