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Richard Narramore, Business Unit Team Leader, plays a vital role in the delivery of RiskSTOP’s Appointment Booking service to one of the UK’s major insurers. He explains how it’s a lot more than just an efficient way of working…


"Our Appointment Booking service started internally. For us, it was a great way of freeing up more time to our team of Risk Management Consultants. I’m sure they won’t mind me saying that they’re expertise is on-site risk assessments, not booking in time with our client’s customers to carry out a survey. So we centralised this function and things got a lot more efficient. 


"It wasn’t long before AXA, a major insurer that employs its own team of risk surveyors, picked up on our success. We deliver other services to AXA and have a really good working relationship, so they asked if it was something we could do for them. Naturally, we were more than happy to help.


"A huge spin off for AXA, aside from the efficiency improvements, has been supporting their customers at the beginning of their risk management journey. Insurance policyholders can sometimes be a bit nervous about what a risk survey involves and why it’s needed. Fortunately, I’ve worked as a Risk Management Advisor (RMA) at RiskSTOP for several years assisting policyholders with risk improvement requirements and so on, so I understand risk and the whole process from start to finish.


"So what this means is I can put the customer at ease, explain everything that’s about to happen and most importantly, how they will benefit from really valuable risk assessment and advice. Appointment booking is more than just booking an appointment. It’s about getting everything off on the right foot with the customer.


"I always enjoy that moment when a customer’s perception changes and they start to feel more relaxed and confident about the whole process. If you care about people, RiskSTOP is a great place to work."


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