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Martyn’s Law: What venues need to know now and later

New guidance has been published to help those responsible for publicly accessible locations keep up to speed with new terrorism protection legislation.

People in an auditorium listening to speakers at a conference

On 7 November 2023, the King's Speech outlined the government's agenda for the upcoming parliamentary session. Among the key highlights was the inclusion of the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, commonly referred to as Martyn’s Law.

The move, named in tribute to Martyn Hett who was one of 21 victims of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017, aims to improve the UK's approach to national security and public venue safety.

‘Enhancing preparedness’

RiskSTOP’s Head of Risk Engineering and Surveys, David Reynolds, said: “Martyn's Law is expected to introduce mandatory security measures tailored to the scale and nature of public venues and events, enhancing preparedness against potential terrorist threats.

“It’s inclusion in the King's Speech means it is likely to pass into legislation in the future, although exactly when this will happen depends on the availability of Parliamentary time. It could be this year, or maybe next.

“As such, we will be closely watching the Bill’s development as it makes progress, and we will be seeking to support underwriters, brokers and policyholders with information that keeps evolving.”

For an in-depth understanding of Martyn's Law and its current implications, please refer to our online guide (link below), which we will be updating regularly during and after the legislative process.



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