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Not all surveys need to be completed on site and often, because of time-constraints and other pressures, this really suits the policyholder  




The thinking behind Risk Management Telephone Consultations (RMTCs) is to deliver greater and greener efficiency. No travelling saves time and therefore cost, and is also more friendly to the environment.

However, nothing is lost in terms of expertise, with RMTCs being completed by the same experienced Risk Management Consultants who carry out our face-to-face surveys. Technology also means visual inspection or verification can form part of the survey. Most policyholders really appreciate RMTCs as they are far less intrusive and time-consuming. 


  • Interview based risk assessment enhanced by involvement of experienced Risk Management Consultants

  • Suited to lower risk exposure, lower premium risks and resurvey cases

  • Leads to rapid identification of poor risk

  • Offers supplementary capacity on demand


  • Speedier delivery

  • Lower cost

  • Greater convenience for the policyholder

  • A greener approach to surveys

  • Covid-19 safe

  • Assess more of your portfolio

"The way we and our insurer clients choose which places to survey in this way is heavily data led. This way we know we’re having maximum impact on risk, but in a far more efficient way. Of course, some locations will always need to be viewed in person, but for many this is just a much better way of delivering value.”

Shaun Small

RiskSTOP Risk Management Consultant

When told about the need for a survey I wasn't confident this would happen before renewal, but the turnaround was incredibly quick. Excellent service.

SME food manufacturer

London Market Insurer

A great job completed at incredibly short notice. Your quick assistance here helped us secure this business. Many thanks. 

Doctor's surgery

Assessed for Covéa

This was not what I was expecting. Everything was completed so quickly and painlessly. This is what busy people running a business need.

Floral supplier

Assessed for Aspen

Nigel Raywood | Director

Nigel is a strong advocate of using risk data and less traditional methods to deliver value in greater numbers to the insurance customer-base. "Data brings efficiencies we could never have imagined only a decade ago. However, whilst efficiencies around costs and time-savings are massively important, what I believe is truly beneficial around remote assessment and data use is that we can now reach out and improve far more risks than we ever could before."


To discover more about Risk Management Telephone Consultation please get in touch with Nigel.

Contact Nigel

Phone    07999 693033

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