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Risk Management Site Survey
​We can provide a range of survey templates to follow your requirements, or can use your survey report templates, or can upload date to your platform. We can provide surveys pre-quote/cover and/or post inception/renewal and/or post loss

We can handle all sectors and segments, including:
◦High Net Worth
◦Small to Meduim Enterprise 
◦Large Corporate
◦London Market risks
Risk Management Questionnaire
Risk Management Questionnaire (RMQ) offers a lower-cost, high volume alternative to Risk Management Site Surveys
Can have a significant impact on Combined Operating Ratio (COR) by extending the benefits of risk management to a far greater proportion of your portfolio, and much more rapidly
Easily tailored to suit your requirements, it provides a fast route to portfolio level risk management and improves understanding of your overall risk profile
Telephone Consultation
Risk Management Telephone Consultation (RMTC) offers a more rapid, reduced cost alternative to a Risk Management Site Survey, while retaining the benefits of involving an experienced Risk Management Consultant (RMC)
Combines some of the efficiency and cost savings of a questionnaire based approach, with the quality and customer focused benefits of an on-site survey
Can extend the reach of your risk management programme to more of your portfolio
Risk Improvement Assistance
Since its introduction in 2001, Risk Improvement Assistance (RIA) has dramatically improved the industry average rate of compliance with risk improvements from a mere 30% to more than 80%. Unrivalled and embraced by underwriters of risks large and small, it is an established and proven service which can significantly improve your Combined Operating Ratio (COR). Also adds value through enhanced proven and auditable policyholder and broker satisfaction
Risk Management Portal
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Rebuild Cost Assessment
Helps underwriters to discreetly validate buildings sums insured to ensure the premium received is commensurate with the risk
If the level of cover is found to be inadequate, our comprehensive report can support the presentation of a case for altering the sums insured
Easy to implement, either as a standalone desktop assessment or as part of a site survey
Helps to avoid disputes over claims and is increasingly deployed by underwriters in conjunction with an offer to remove Average
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"The present service that we have experienced has lived up to its name and minimised the risk, by prompting appropriate action. Just keep this up, it works." 

John Bracewell, Policyholder

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