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Shaun Small, RiskSTOP Risk Management Consultant, thinks avoiding risk should be for everyone, including the planet we all share. He talks about a new aspect of his role which is both greener and wider reaching…


“I’m passionate about risk management and I guess I would be. After all, I’ve spent the last 8 years of my life learning all about it. But it’s more than just the technical bits and pieces. It’s the fact that risk management protects people that makes it such a rewarding thing to do.”


As a Risk Management Consultant, Shaun visits all kind of different organisations to review their risk management approach and make sure everything is working as well as it can. However, there is only so much Sean and his colleagues can do, especially when they have to travel long distances by car from one risk survey to another.


“Recently we’ve introduced something new, which we call ‘Risk Management Telephone Consultation’ which is a bit of exactly what it says on the tin. Instead of us going out and visiting places, we simply schedule a call and run through various topics and questions, to help paint a picture without needing to travel.


“Now the first obvious advantage of this is not pumping excessive amounts of carbon and other pollutants into the atmosphere and damaging the environment, which is great. However, there is another side to this as well, because basically it means I can do a lot more risk management surveys in a day than I could before.”


He adds: “Now some might ask ‘have you gone a bit mad wanting to do more work?’, but that’s not the point. For me it’s a simple case of more people getting the benefits of risk management than previously. It means more businesses and their employees, and their insurers of course, protected from fire, floods, safety hazards, malicious activity and other such risks.

“The way we and our clients choose which places to survey in this way is also heavily data led. This way we know we’re having maximum impact on risk, but in a far more efficient way. Of course, some locations will always need to be viewed in person, but for many this is just a much better way.


“That’s what I love about working for RiskSTOP. They’re always innovating, experimenting and trying to find new ways of doing what we do, what we all do, and they listen to our ideas and encourage creativity among the team. It’s a special place to be part of.”


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