Take the composite panels combustibility challenge

July 9, 2018


A simple challenge for underwriters and brokers around the combustibility of a range of different types of composite panels has highlighted the complexity of modern methods of construction.


As part of a UK roadshow organised by Covea recently, David Reynolds, RiskSTOP’s Head of Risk Engineering and Surveys, asked insurance brokers and underwriters to put nine different types of panel into order of combustibility – you can take the challenge yourself here


“Composite panels are manufactured in factories and are often used for exterior cladding, partitioning and roofing on a wide range of buildings. What the combustibility challenge demonstrates is not only how flammable some of these panels are, but the sheer range of materials used in their manufacture. 


“Having a good understanding of modern methods of construction (MMC) is important when it comes to fair presentation. However, there is a lot to take into account and it goes beyond just composite panels. Pods and volumetric units as well as site based MMC add to the complexity here, particularly when it comes to the risk of fire.”


David’s presentation covering MMC and some of the challenges around identification, lasted almost 4 hours. He also examined several incidents of fire related to MMC from around the world, including of course Grenfell, and explored some of the lessons learned.


Richard Heathcote, Covea Lead Regional Underwriter, commented: "It was a pleasure to co-host these training sessions with David and his knowledge and experience were invaluable, both in terms of the content of the presentation itself and also in being able to bring real examples to life for the attendees.


"I cannot stress enough how important it is to educate both underwriters and brokers on the subject of MMC and the issues surrounding their use. We have received really positive feedback from the sessions with invitees commenting how valuable they found them, from both the underwriting and broking community. The better all parties understand the issues and concerns, the better we can all advise and protect our clients."


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