Offers a rapid, reduced cost '3rd' alternative to Risk Management Site Surveys

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  • Risk Management Telephone Consultation offers a rapid, reduced cost alternative to a Risk Management Site Survey, while retaining the benefits of using an experienced Risk Management Consultant 

  • Risk Management Telephone Consultation combines some of the efficiency and cost savings of a Questionnaire based approach, with the quality and customer focused benefits of an on-site Risk Management Site Survey



  • For example, in the case of a periodic resurvey the expense of carrying out a full site assessment may not be justifiedHowever, the nature of the risk may call for a level of quality and customer focus that can only be provided through the involvement of an experienced Risk Management Consultant.

  • Likewise, in a pre-cover situation, underwriters may require a rapid assessment, but still need a more detailed picture than that which can be provided through a Risk Management Questionnaire based approach



  • Instead of visiting the policyholder, one of our UK wide team of highly competent Risk Management Consultants makes contact by telephone to carry out a remote assessment

  • Risk Management Telephone Consultation can be deployed pre-cover and post-cover and is particularly suited to resurvey cases

  • In addition, if there is uncertainty about a risk, Risk Management Telephone Consultation can quickly help underwriters determine whether a full on-site Risk Management Site Survey is required or if rapid remedial action is needed

  • Can be utilised for all sectors and segments, including HNW, SME, Corporate and London Market risks

  • Provides underwriters with greater flexibility and control over their risk management programme

  • Provides additional survey capacity on demand



  • Interview based risk assessment enhanced by involvement of experienced Risk Management Consultants

  • Policyholder does not need to complete questionnaire

  • Suited to lower risk exposure, lower premium risks and resurvey cases

  • Leads to rapid identification of poor risk

  • Provides a 3rd option to extend the reach of a Risk Management Programme to a greater portion of portfolio

  • Comprehensive range of reports suited to client requirements (paper based or via email)

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  • Customer experience enhancing (which can be measured and demonstrated when linked with Risk Improvement Assistance)

  • Saves time for the policyholder

  • Lower cost alternative to a Risk Management Site Survey, with key associated benefits retained and extended to the wider portfolio

  • Better understanding of risk at individual, portfolio and other levels/variables
  • Significantly improved Combined Operating Ratio

  • Reduced exposure 

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  • By utilising experienced Risk Management Consultants with strong telephone communication skills, Risk Management Telephone Consultation offers an enhanced customer experience

  • RiskSTOP is ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management) compliant, so you can be confident about how we handle your data, as well as your customers



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