Easily tailored to suit your requirements, Risk Management Questionnaire provides a fast route to portfolio level risk management and improves understanding of overall risk profile

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  • Risk Management Questionnaire can have a significant impact on Combined Operating Ratio by extending the benefits of risk management to a far greater proportion of your portfolio and much more rapidly

  • Easily tailored to suit your requirements, it provides a fast route to portfolio level risk management and improves understanding of your overall risk profile

  • Risk Management Questionnaire is an established and proven programme which enables high volume remote risk assessment (no need for a Risk Management Site Survey)

  • RiskSTOP manages the process on your behalf, encouraging policyholders to provide accurate and reliable data, which in turn generates a series of effective Risk Improvement Requirements

  • Cost effectively extends the reach of your risk management programme from the market norm of 5% to between 10% and 20% of your portfolio

  • When combined with Risk Improvement Assistance, Risk Management Questionnaire becomes a powerful risk management tool that can have a significant impact on the underwriting performance of your wider portfolio



  • Risk Management Questionnaire is a useful alternative to Risk Management Site Surveys as it can help to identify poor risks and specify risk improvement measures without the need for an on-site Risk Management Site Survey

  • Risk Management Site Surveys are both time and resource consuming, which means on average only around 5% of policyholders in an underwriting portfolio will ever benefit from one

  • Smaller risks in particular are the least likely to be surveyed. However, research undertaken by RiskSTOP has shown that the smaller the policyholder’s business, the greater their risk management needs

  • So what about these and other risks that make up 95% of your portfolio? How can you be reassured of risk quality and also identify where risk improvements are required?



  • Risk Management Questionnaire is highly flexible and can be deployed according to sector, class, trade, intermediary, risk or even separate business units within a large multi-site organisation

  • A strategic risk management tool, it can even be used to accurately sample a larger number of risks to guide portfolio level risk mitigation

  • High volumes can be reached in short timescales using either a postal or email based system

  • Can be deployed pre-cover to support market presentation of risk

  • White labeling is offered so it can also enhance your brand​



  • Questionnaire based risk management assessments

  • Extensive Management Information

  • Reaches high volumes in short timescales

  • Provides an option to extend the reach of a Risk Management Programme to a greater portion of the underwriting portfolio

  • Can be Generic Sector/Class/Trade/Risk/Client specific

  • Enables accurate sampling of a large portfolio

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  • Lower cost alternative to Risk Management Site Survey with many of the benefits of Risk Management Site Survey retained and extended to the wider underwriting portfolio

  • Leads to further improved Combined Operating Ratio 

  • Better understanding of risk at individual, portfolio and other levels/variables

  • Reduced exposure

  • Fastest route to portfolio level risk management

  • Easily tailored to meet a wide range of Risk Management, underwriter, broker and policyholder needs

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  • As well as supporting policyholders through risk improvement, Risk Management Questionnaire also features an assessment of statutory compliance with health, safety, fire, environmental and other risk-related regulations leading to what we call Statutory Obligation Reminders

  • Responses generate a Risk Control Plan for policyholders which can help them to achieve legal compliance - something which is highly valued and provides the added benefit of an audit trail

  • RiskSTOP is ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management) compliant, so you can be confident about how we handle your data, as well as your customers



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