Achieves more than 80% compliance with risk improvements, dramatically improving on the industry average rate of 30%,

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  • Since its introduction in 2001, Risk Improvement Assistance has dramatically improved the industry average rate of compliance with risk improvements from a mere 30% to more than 80%

  • Unrivalled and embraced by underwriters of risks large and small, it is an established and proven service which can significantly improve your Combined Operating Ratio

  • Also adds value through enhanced proven and auditable policyholder and broker satisfaction



  • The onus falls on policyholders to implement Risk Improvements Requirements, which need to be completed within an appropriate timeframe and to an acceptable standard

  • However, research by RiskSTOP has revealed that when policyholders are left to complete Risk Improvement Requirements without assistance, only around one third are ever complied with correctly

  • And even when they do comply, policyholders will normally take more than 100 days to do so

  • So, although risks may have been identified, significant exposure can often remain for an unnecessary length of time



  • Risk Improvement Assistance changes this by helping policyholders from the moment Risk Improvements are required

  • Our dedicated and experienced Risk Management Advisors provide one-to-one unscripted, knowledge based assistance by telephone, ensuring your customer has a full understanding of what has been asked of them and why

  • Risk Management Advisors can provide your customers with a detailed listing of approved suppliers to ensure that Risk Improvements are complied with to your specification

  • Their expert advice and guidance leads to more than 8 out of every 10 Risk Improvement Requirements being complied with to specification and within agreed timeframes



  • Makes Risk Improvements Requirements Compliance much easier for policyholders

  • Dedicated and Experienced Risk Management Advisors

  • Established

  • Proven

  • Clean Process

  • Reviewed, Monitored, Audited & Close Client Liaison

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  • Reduces Risk (for underwriter and policyholder)

  • Confidence

  • Independent (No conflict of interest)

  • Trustworthy

  • Improved Combined Operating Ratio

  • Vastly better rate of compliance (80%+)

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  • Risk Improvement Assistance is highly valued by both policyholders and brokers

  • Our UK based Risk Management Advisors focus strongly on customer care. You can feel confident that policyholders will not only be treated fairly, but that RiskSTOP will preserve and enhance your relationship with them and their brokers

  • Calls are recorded, and we measure and report back on a series of customer satisfaction Key Performance Indicators which are independently audited. Our average customer satisfaction score is a market leading 4.86 out of 5

  • RiskSTOP is ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management) compliant, so you can also feel confident about how we handle your data as well as your customers



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