Helps underwriters discreetly validate buildings sums insured to ensure the premium received is commensurate with the risk

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  • Helps underwriters to discreetly validate buildings sums insured to ensure the premium received is commensurate with the risk

  • If the level of cover is found to be inadequate, our comprehensive report can support the presentation of a case for altering the sums insured

  • Helps to avoid disputes over claims and is increasingly deployed by underwriters in conjunction with an offer to remove Average, or to provide Replacement Cost Cover



  • It has been estimated that more than three-quarters of insured buildings in the UK have inaccurate or inadequate sums insured

  • This is a major problem for underwriters

  • When sums insured are too low, underwriters do not receive premiums commensurate to risk

  • If this is a common feature of your portfolio, this causes a significant shortfall in premium income

  • Also, inadequate sums insured can lead to bitter disputes over claims following the application of Average, which in turn can cause damaging publicity



  • Rebuild Cost Assessment can be deployed for almost any type of UK-based risk that features buildings at the complete discretion of the underwriter

  • Insurer branded white-labeling can be provided

  • Our desktop-based assessment is suited to standard domestic and commercial risks

  • Our site-based assessment can be undertaken in isolation or in conjunction with a Risk Management Site Survey, which ensures efficiency and keeps costs as low as possible

  • Both options utilise detailed and comprehensive methods of assessment and have been built by RICS Approved personnel



  • Validates sums insured for underwriter

  • Desktop or Site survey (as part of Risk Management Site Survey) options

  • Provides comprehensive Rebuild Cost Assessment report that can be provided to broker (to then provide to policyholder)

  • No direct communication with policyholder concerning Rebuild Cost Assessment

  • Keeps/supports timed/dated record of informing policyholder

  • Flexibility

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  • Opportunity for premium/commission growth

  • Supports presentation of case for altering sums insured

  • Lower cost than separate bespoke desktop Rebuild Cost Assessment

  • Creates option of providing policy without average clause

  • Presents better picture of risk/exposure at the right time

  • Efficiency/Time

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  • Provides the opportunity to remove Average, or to provide Replacement Cost Cover, as an enhanced proposition that treats customers fairly

  • And as well as helping to avoid potentially damaging disputes over claims settlements

  • Supports brokers to meet their obligations to clients and to achieve compliance, while reducing their professional negligence risk

  • Is a ‘nil cost’ service to the policyholder

  • Adds value, supporting retention for both insurer and broker



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